Idag torsdag, 24th september 2020
Senaste nytt

Sajten med det lilla extra..



A fresh start..

So, i have erased all of my previous posts since it obviously caught some spammers attention. I have also deleted all of my meta-markers, that Google and other search-engines use to find websites, since meta is one of the best ways to get spam. Hopefully, this will make the spammers go away..

Another issue are all the ”russians” that sign up for a membership. I don’t mind having russians on the site, but if they’re not willing to write in English or Swedish, then they’re automatically blocked. To be honest, i really don’t think that they’re russians at all, but bots that wants to make the russians look bad.

Anyway, if you want a free membership on this site, all you’ve got to do, is to send me a PM with the words ”I am a human and not a bot” followed by the answer to this easy equation 111+222+333+445. This will grant you a free membership without any ads or spam from this site!


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